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Company History:

IPI and its predecessor company Cal Coil Magnetics have been in operation since 1954. IPI specializes in heavy-duty, high-reliability standard and custom magnetic components for applications in many diverse industries.


IPI specializes in providing quick-turn around engineering and production services on complex wound magnetic devices. The design and applications engineering team at IPI brings decades of design experience, speeding customers from the initial design to prototype to testing to full production of finished components in volume.


IPI manufactures some of the world’s largest magnetic component coils for high voltage applications. For these products, IPI has designed its own custom coil winding equipment and developed its own unique processes to provide components of the highest quality.

Perfect Layer Coil Winding:

Perfect Layer Coil Winding equipment provides the ultimate in magnetic coil winding precision for superior performance. Advantages include: max turns per layer, highest power for any given cross-sectional area, lowest DCR, max inductance, lowest leakage inductance, and consistent voltage potential layer-to-layer and winding-to-winding.

Many of these high voltage coils are encapsulated by IPI’s specialized vacuum pressure impregnation cycling equipment, which provides complete insulation to humidity. Corona effect is minimized through the elimination of voids inside the encapsulation.

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