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Innovative Power Inc., specializes in designing and manufacturing highly engineered, application specific, custom magnetic components and complex custom assemblies. IPI offers quick turn-around custom solutions for wound magnetic components that typically go into commercial, industrial, military/aerospace and medical systems required to reliably and safely operate in extreme environments.

All products are 100% tested for critical parameters.

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Latest news:

Dot Graphic Single Phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control Transformers
Ideal for Heavy-Duty Industrial Controls Including Motor Speed
Featuring superior reliability, advanced performance and rugged construction, Innovative Power, Inc., announces its new Single Phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control Series Transformers for industrial applications, including motor speed control.

Step up/down control transformers reduce electrical voltage, with their primary voltage being greater than their secondary voltage. The transformer “steps down” the voltage that is applied to it. Using step up/down transformers to supply control power increases safety and efficiency when a lower control circuit voltage is used in high voltage applications. 

Single Phase 50/60 HX Step/Control Transformers

Dot Graphic Innovative Power Inc, announces their advanced performance, rugged construction and superior reliability, the modular IPI Three-Phase Transformer Series from Innovative Power, Inc., delivers superior power management in a wide range of instruments and controls designed for heavy-duty industrial use.

The IPI Three-Phase Transformer Series provides efficient power distribution, stepping voltages up or down. With three sets of primary and secondary windings sharing a common core, this transformer series offers a highly efficient alternative to ganging standard single phase transformers, which requires more space, more connections, more weight and more potential points of wear or failure.

Reliable Three Phase Transformers

Dot Graphic Innovative Power Inc. announces the availability of their new six page Capabilities Brochure. The brochure shows many examples of custom made Heavy-Duty, High-Relibility and other magnetics that are also shown on this website. To obtain a copy for yourself, send an email to with your address details.

Front cover of the Innovative Power Capabilities brochure

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